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Every day, SipWell bottles high-quality water from its own source. Our water source is located below the headquarters in Londerzeel, Belgium. Not only is SipWell water tasty and balanced so that it is accessible to everyone, young and old, but we also carry out strict quality controls on our water on a daily basis. This is always done through internal and external professional laboratories. That way you can be sure that the water you drink is healthy, responsible and from a local source.


The look and feel or design of our bottled water coolers, tap water coolers and water bottles is one of the most important parts during the development process. All products and accompanying accessories (e.g. the filters of the tap water coolers) feature strong technological quality. Wondering which water option suits you best? Choose between hot or cold water, sparkling or still water or a combination. Do you go for a classic or fun, or rather sleek or wavy design? SipWell has a device that fits you!


Are you asking yourself questions about ecology? Then certainly don't worry! SipWell water is always produced responsibly. Besides the coolers, the water bottles are also environmentally friendly because they are made of high-quality recyclable material. We (re)use our bottles several times before replacing them. In this way, we do our part for environmental sustainability. The bottle caps are also collected and recycled for charity. All these intiatives make SipWell a completely Carbon neutral® company and we are proud of it!


Providing drinking water in the workplace can quickly increase costs. Even at home, water should always be at hand. That's why at SipWell we offer you an important all-in service: the cooler, delivery, collection and technical assistance are part of our service and incorporated into one simple subscription price. This way, you always know exactly how much you are contributing each month. Moreover, a water cooler is tax deductible for businesses and the self-employed. Super interesting, right?

SipWell water coolers

Drink water your way!

  • Drink water where, when and how you want;
  • Interesting water solutions both for home and office;
  • Choose what suits you best: bottle or tap water cooler;
  • Save on your drinking water bill and know exactly what you spend each month;
  • Designs for every interior;
  • Flavour for everyone: still, sparkling and/or hot water functions.
  • Drink water responsibly: think about the environment and choose for less plastic waste!

Advantages of a water cooler

Customer review

"Since we've installed SipWell's water coolers, people have been drinking a lot more water. Moreover, everyone really likes the water taste!"

- Reynders Label Printing, Boechout

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